Septic Fields

septic-fields-2What to do with that drain field and sand filter in the middle of your yard?! There are many creative design solutions for septic fields besides lawn. But what you don’t want to do is plant trees, shrubs, or any other deep rooted plants in the septic area that can damage the system. For this project, we suggested a wildflower meadow with an eco-grass pathway with recycled composite pavers. We also designed a small boardwalk that was installed over the green septic tank lids so they were no longer visible. The sections of boardwalk are actually designed to lift open to access the tank lids below.

Extending Your Kitchen and Dining Area Outdoors

Extending Your Kitchen and Living Area OutdoorsExtend your kitchen and dining area outdoors with a pizza oven and flagstone patio. We installed a covered arbor over this pizza oven so our customers could enjoy cooking outdoors year round. A pizza oven is not only functional but adds an interesting architectural element to the landscape. We selected a dome shaped oven with natural weathered granite and tumbled bluestone façade for this site, which compliments the native surroundings nicely.

Who says you need a front lawn?!

Lawn AlternativeToday, more than ever, we are removing all the grass in front yard landscapes and installing raised beds and pathways. This particular project we completed last spring is already filling in nicely with an attractive combination of plants. We added a mix of fruit and ornamental trees, evergreen perennials, ground covers, and even some herbs and veggies! Many evergreen ground covers make great lawn alternatives that require less water and overall maintenance. We used red creeping thyme, Chamomile, and a ground cover Sedum for this project.